Winners Fourth Tamil International Short Film Festival

Best film
Kumar Moorthy Memorial Award The White Cat India
People Choice Award Thampipillai Memorial Award Adapaavi Canada
Jury Award
Best Performance P.E. Stanislous (Maravan) Memorial Award Pirayalam Sri Lanka
Best Director Na . Sundaralingam Memorial Award The White Cat P.Sivakumar India
Best Editing S. Sivasothy Memorial Award Red Winter Sutha Shan Canada
Best Camera Nila Kugathasan Memorial Award Birthday Chezian India
Best Scriptwriting Daniel Memorial Award You too Suamthy Rupan Canada
Best Actor A.P.Jeyaratnam Memorial Award Kithchan Dilukasanth Mohan Sri Lanka
Best Actress K. Manimaran Memorial Award I Oh Sathya Canada
Regional Awards
Best Film India Vipulanantha Adakial Memorial Award Thenthu Poienthra Kathal
Best Film Exile Kalaichelvan memorial award Aantha Oru Naal
Sri Lanka
Best Film K.A. Jawahar Memorial Award Kitchan Sri Lanka


Partick Pathmanathan
Patrick has learned story telling techniques from directors like Sergio Leone, Brian de Palma, Guy Ritchie and of course Quentin Tarantino. Patrick mentors taught him “a movie lies 24 times per second”.
Leena Manimekalai Leena is one of the few female directors in India. Leena directed more than 10 short films and documentaries. She also acted on some movies.
Rupan Rupan is a very talented director and cameraman.  Rupan’s “manushi”  was screened at our last year’s festival and well received.
Mulaiyoor Baski Baski is a regular contributor to our festivals. Baski’s first short film “Blink of an eye” was well received at various festivals.
A.C. Karunamoorthy A.C. Karunamoorthy is one of the well-known short film directors in India. Karunamorthy’s movies are well received in India and outside India.
G.N. Saravanan G.N.Saravanan is a computer engineer. His previous works are Kongu Arts Video Profile, Sculpture, After 1960.
P.Sivakumar Sivakumar is one of the well-known short film directors in India. His first movie Aaesha won several awards.
Arun Vaidyanathan Arun directed more than 10 short films. Arun’s movies were screened at various film festivals.
K.B. Nath K.B.Nath has been using new techniques in his films. He is also the President of Tollywod Canada Inc.
Mithran Mithran AKA “Karthik Maharajan” hails from a small village named “Gandhigramam” located in Tamilnadu. Graduating as an Electrnics and Telecommunication engineer, he still had the undying passion to do movies. His first short film Chimera was screened at Youth Festival.

Jury Members

Chandra Siddan
Chandra Siddan was born and brought up in Bangalore, India where she studied English Literature in Bangalore University (MA and MPhil) before moving to New York, USA where she made her first short film ‘Moving’ (1994 16mm experimental 5 minutes) towards completing her MA in Media Studies in the New School for Social Research. She later moved to Germany where she wrote screenplays and made ‘The Gift’ (super 16, fiction 10 minutes) and ‘Williamsburg Experiment’ (DV documentary 44 minutes) in the Staatlisches Hochschule fur Gestaltung, Karlsruhe.  She lives in Toronto since 2000 and is currently working on a personal documentary ‘Remembrance of Things Present’ which won the Tony Stoltz Completion Award at the Reel World Film Festival 2005. She initiated and runs the Regent Park Film Festival in down town Toronto since 2003.
Sharada K Eswar
Sharada K Eswar is the Editor and one of the publishers of Kala – a South Asian Art & Culture Quarterly. A published author, Sharada’s passion for words, both spoken and written, began at an early age. Since then this love for words has found expression in diverse ways. A trained Carnatic Music singer, she was part of the team representing India at the India Abroad show in Paris and New York. She was also one of the three chosen by the Centres Culturels des Lions Clubs de Paris to present Indian culture in Normandy, France.

She currently teaches Narrative Writing for the Toronto District School Board’s International Languages Program and is working on her first libretto (through a commission by the opera company).

P.A Jeyakaran
P.A Jeyakaran is one of the few play writers in Tamil. He is the editor of two Playbooks. He has been producing, directing and acting plays last fifteen years. He is also a  very popular poet. He was the Editor of Thedal a Tamil art and culture monthly.
Ganam Lambert Ganam Lambert has been directing plays for the last thirty years. Lambert is one of the few directors, who introduced various language plays in Tamil. He was introduced Jean Genet, Anton Chekov, Smauel Beckett, Aalexiarbuso, Albert Camus, Jean Paul Santra, Edward Albee, Wolesoyinka to  Tamil Drama World.
K.Krishnarajah K.Krishanarajah has been acting, directing plays for the last twenty years. He was one the founder member of “Aavaikaatu Drama Group” and “ Vimbam Art Group”. He also acted in short films. He initiated and runs the London Film Festival in down town London since 2004. Krishnarajah is also very talented Modern Artist.


Movies Director Duration Country
1 Thatha Pathy A .Ragunathan 20 M France
2 Kitchan Viamal Raj 20 M SriLanka
3 Parai Leena Manimekalai 30M India
4 Kaneer Vetty Veeran 7 M India
5 Vithi(Fate) Ram Nadaraj 1 M SriLanka
6 The Power Cut Arun Vaidyanathan 2 M U.S.A
7 Manudam Srikantha Luxmy 20 M SriLanka
8 Birth Day K. Muthukumar 15 M India
9 Brirliant Arun Vaidyanathan 7 M U.S.A
10 You To Rupan 17 M Canada
11 As you wish.. Arun Vaidyanathan 7M U.S.A
12 Upheaval S.Sumathy 20 M SriLanka
13 Vilasam I.Vathanan 20 M France
14 26-Dec G.N.Saravanan 20 M India
15 Vengeance Patrick Pathmanathan 5 M Canada
16 Thani Oru Manithanuku Arun Vaidyanathan 3 M U.S.A
17 Tale of A Shadow Mithran 4 M Canada
18 The White Cat P.Sivakumar 10 M India
19 The Power A.C Karunamoorthy 3 M India
20 Theenthu Poienthra Kathal Leena Manimekalai 3 M India
21 I Oh Rupan 5 M Canada
22 Aantha Oru Naal Patrick Pathmanathan 17 M Canada
23 Rape Srikantha Luxmy 25 M SriLanka
24 Illamai A.C Karunamoorthy 20 M India
25 Red Witner K.B.Nath 30 M Canada
26 Alphs Koothadigal Annamalai 38 M Swiss
27 MookuPeni A.Ragavan 20 M SriLanka


Administration (Fourth International Tamil Short Film/Documentry Festival)
Arun Sivakumaran, Kuamanan, Myil, Kiruba, and Malini Pararajasingham
Executive Advisors Arun Sivakuamran, K.Krishnarajah, Ashok Yogan(France)
Screening Director Arun Sivakumaran
Media Director Kaushi.R
Communication Director Dilip Kuamr
Executive Director T.Sivathasn
Program Director Rathan

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